Tight upper back

My SHIP therapist referred me for Osteopathy and I was lucky enough to find Dr Ashburner. For the first time I have received “coaching” regarding my poor posture – he doesn’t just “rectify”, he coaches you to correct the underlying bad habits – how to adjust the seat in your car, what chairs are good or bad, how to stand up and sit down, how not to bend down, etc. I had chronically tight upper back muscles and he has worked with me for some 6 months on “opening up” my upper back and chest as well as providing guidance on improving my posture. I value the fact that Dr Ashburner is also a qualified personal trainer and as such advises me on what exercises are appropriate and which can cause injury (e.g. the correct way to do a squat, how to do a lat pull-down to strengthen my back, etc.). My breathing is better and deeper, I am more relaxed and less anxious and am sleeping better. I feel stronger, walk taller, and of course, my back is much improved. He is also tolerant of my MTB and, while he doesn’t approve, he will realign me when I fall off my bicycle!

Liz (65 years old)

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