What to Expect when visiting the Osteopath

Your First Consultation

Typically, osteopathy is a patient-centred form of healthcare. This means that it focuses on your body as a whole. During your first consultation, your osteopath will spend some time listening to your complaint and asking you questions about your health and lifestyle. The information you provide will be recorded in your case notes.

Your Physical Examination

Following your medical history, your osteopath will examine your body. It is likely that they will ask you to remove some or all of your clothing so that they can see and touch the areas causing you concern. If you are uncomfortable about the prospect of a physical examination, tell your osteopath. They may suggest that you wear clothing that will enable them to examine you without making you feel uncomfortable and that female patients must for this reason be accompanied by a person of their choice to act as chaperone.

During your examination, your osteopath may ask you to perform simple movements and stretches so that they can observe your posture and mobility. They may also examine your joints using their hands and a highly developed sense of touch known as palpation.

Your Osteopathic Treatment

Following your examination, your osteopath will explain their findings and discuss a suitable treatment plan, which may include osteopathic manipulation. Osteopathy is a system of treatment designed to restore your body’s normal functioning. There are several different types of osteopathic techniques, including:

  • Soft tissue techniques, which apply pressure to the muscles around your spine.
  • Muscle energy techniques, which require you to use your muscles to counter the forces applied by your osteopath.
  • Thrust techniques, which use high velocity forces to restore motion to your joints.

Fees to expect when visiting an Osteopath

We offer very competitive rates.

  • The initial consultation consists of detailed case history to help identify the cause of your problems.
  • A thorough examination will include a physical, orthopedic, neurological, postural analysis, and osteopathic examination to determine how you can best be helped
  • Appropriate osteopathic treatment
  • If osteopathic care is not suitable for your condition you will of course be referred to another modality.

Subsequent consultation

  • Progress report and treatment
  • Advice regarding work and leisure activities will be reviewed as will further expectations.
  • Exercises will be introduced when appropriate.
  • Any questions will be answered

Payment Methods

All payment methods are available

Medical aid covers a visit to an Osteopath

Osteopathy is a recognised modality in South Africa, governed by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Please contact your Medical Aid provider to ensure that Osteopathy is covered in your Medical Aid plan. The majority of medical aid companies cover Osteopathic treatment.

The patient will be required to make payment on the day of the consultation and an invoice will be made out which can be sent to the medical aid for reimbursement.