Osteopathy Treats Sports Injuries

Osteopathy Treats Sports Injuries – When consulting an osteopath with chronic or acute problems, you are evaluated and treated with a view to prevention of further injury, combined with a prescription of corrective exercise.

Osteopathic evaluation prior to your sport/activity will identify and prevent potential problems. The optimum osteopathic treatment combined with preventative exercises and treatment will be recommended.

A monthly visit to an Osteopath can keep your body functioning at an optimal level, and can help prevent small discomforts from turning into severe injuries.

What is perceived as deficiency in strength might be the result of the body protecting itself. Seek first to fix what is being protected.

Sports Performance Enhancement and Injury

Osteopathy is perfectly suited to enhancing sports performance. Athletes are people who push their bodies beyond what most people would consider ‘normal’ activity. The demands you place on your body require that the tissues of the body (joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, etc) have the capacity to respond to what you ask them to do. If the tissue health is not optimal it may lead to aches, strains, pain and damage. Osteopathy can help with the musculoskeletal aspect of your performance approach. Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake are among the International athletes in a variety of sports have benefited from Osteopathic Care over the years.  This list includes Rugby, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Athletics, Water Polo, Polo, Running, Cycling, Hockey, Swimming, Golf, Horse Riding and other sports.

Osteopathic treatment is concerned with restoring and improving motion. If a tissue in the body is restricting your movement, particularly as a sportsperson – it restricts your potential for activity and performance. Treatment helps to align the general posture for power movements, improved blood and nerve supply as well as drainage of inflammation and toxins. At a deeper level it deals with the subtle mechanics of the body which improve proprioception, immune system function and central nervous system function. This allows more control of your movements. Altogether osteopathy addresses the whole body and provides a complete approach to the musculoskeletal aspect of your training improving power and control of your movements.

Who would benefit from Osteopathic Assessment

Individuals with chronic musculoskeletal injuries i.e. overuse injuries, tendonopathies, recurrent strains and sprains

Individuals playing a specific sport and are looking to improve performance

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