Osteopathy is most commonly known for assisting in the treatment of ‘bad backs’, however, it is much broader than this and can help with a wide range of conditions including those such as arthritis and sciatica.


Despite the common belief that children are young and flexible enough to have no musculoskeletal imbalances in their body, this is not necessarily true. The reality of this can only be ascertained on professional analysis of the birth history and on clinical observation and examination.


Being pregnant is a unique and powerful life experience, during which your body undergoes immense physical, hormonal and emotional changes. The effects of hormonal softening of ligaments, the position of the growing baby, postural changes and increases in weight can put additional pressure on your joints and muscles of your spine and pelvis.

Guy has worked with many clients and they have all left happy and satisfied. Have a look what Guy’s clients say about him.


I had been suffering with a very loud humming and ringing in my head since early childhood. I had tried various doctors and specialists but no one was able to help me. To compound these issues I developed anxiety as a result of the loud humming. My stress levels have reduced by 80% since seeing Dr Ashburner and I no longer feel anxious as a result of the constant hum as it has all but gone.

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered with bad posture, lower back pain and very stiff shoulders that caused headaches. Over the years I’ve tried everything with little to no effect. I was only looking for relief until I accidentally discovered Guy Ashburner. This was a true live changer. I’ve only been seeing him for 2 months. Since the first time I saw him I haven’t experienced any backpain. The stiffness and pain from my shoulder have completely disappeared after the second time. I would be forever grateful to Dr. Guy Ashburner for giving.

After trying everything a desperate new parent can think off to quieten a screaming child, i took the advice of my cousin and contacted Guy Ashburner. I took my one month old baby for two sessions of paediatric osteopathy and can happily say that she no longer screams from 12pm to 4am every night. Guy helped me to understand that the effects of birth on baby can cause different symptoms due to tension in the bony structures and irritation of underlying membranes and nerves. I noticed that she was much calmer and there was a definite decrease in colic symptoms after the first session and even more after the second. She also had less milk being regurgitated and her sleep improved as well. I can definitely recommend Guy Ashburner to parents who struggle with a colicky baby. I also urge ALL parents to take their babies for osteopathy especially those moms who had assisted deliveries.

The very first time I heard of osteopathy was through my mom. She was sitting at a doctor’s waiting room and was browsing through a random magazine. She was captured by a title that says “Osteopathy and Conception”. This showed an osteopath (Dr Guy)doing a treatment similar to a chiropractor and a physiotherapist. However, the name osteopath suggested to her that there was more to be offered. My mom was convinced this is what I needed and will yield results. She had also noted my bad posture which she thought needed help. When I told my husband, he just shrugged his shoulders and gave me a go ahead to give it a try.

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