Painful shoulder – Tennis

I have been treated by osteopaths all my life. I am a 71 year old woman. Dr Ashburner has been successfully managing my back problems since I returned to South Africa – about 5 years ago. But what I didn’t realise, is that he does more than just back treatments. I was unable to play tennis because of my frozen, extremely painful shoulder and I mentioned this to him while I was having back treatment. He treated my shoulder and within 2-3 days I was back on the court, pain free and enjoying playing tennis again. Before seeing him, I had been advised that I should give up tennis, have cortisone injections or even an operation. Thanks to Dr Ashburner I did not have to do any of the above. This has been such an amazing event for me I felt I needed to share it because Im sure there are a lot of people out there who do not realise the scope of treatments that he is capable of doing.

Judy Martin

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