Pain in Groin

My ordeal started with great pain in the groin area during January 2008. The possibility of a hernia was eliminated by a clinical examination. An orthopaedic specialist then diagnosed arthrosis of the left hip joint and recommended a speedy hip operation, replacing the femoral head. After several tearful nights I decided against such a course of action, as I felt there was another reason. Thus I embarked on a long journey to all kinds of doctors’ practices throughout the whole region, resulting in many different diagnoses:

a pinched nerve, inflammation of the nerves, back problems. I was only able to lead a reasonably normal life by taking strong pain killers. However, I could not sleep for more than two hours at a stretch at night; I was unable to move at all without pain. After a couple of months I heard about a masseuse in Plumstead. This wonderful woman was able to help me spontaneously with deep massages, however the pain returned, sometimes after only a week.

During March 2009 some nice ladies recommended an osteopath with consulting rooms in the area… Dr GUY ASHBURNER.

I arranged for an appointment at once. From now on my life took a wonderfully positive turn… Firstly, this man listened to my whole story for some 20 minutes!! This was something new! The subsequent treatment was very painful. He treated the deep-seated completely tense muscles and ligaments that had contracted in the meantime. It remains a mystery until this day, how it was possible to experience so much relief after even a single correct treatment.

It is now the beginning of June 2009 – I have had 7 sessions with DR GUY ASHBURNER since March, and I can happily report that I am feeling absolutely terrific. I can climb the highest stairs and enjoy 7 – 8 hours uninterrupted sleep at night. I was able to do without a single pain killer since the first session! Nobody can imagine how happy and cheerful I am again.

I am infinitely grateful for this help, but I am also happy that I followed my intuition by not agreeing to the hip operation. These days I am totally free of pain again. I don’t even want to think about what might have happened, if…"

Brigitte Fischedick

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