Chronic Back Pain & Biceps Pain

I met Dr Ashburner 10 years ago. He was recommended by Jan Buchner, dog trainer, who for sometime could not walk due to back pain. After few sessions with doctor, problem was gone. We had similar problem with my son. Went to various doctors, nobody could help. I even imported special chair from US, no results.

So we decided to go to Dr Ashburner. Results of his treatment were amazing. After few sessions my son was in no pain. This was 10 years ago and up to today pain is gone.

Then 8 years ago I had shoulder pain. Went to specialist in one of the best hospitals in Cape Town. All modern equipment, screens etc. After examination doctor suggested operation. I di not like this idea and went to Dr Ashburner for help. Doctor told me, there is nothing wrong with shoulder. Asked me if i am going to gym, which I confirmed. Doctor told me I have “knot ” on my biceps. Two seccion and pain was gone. Never came back. Since then Dr Ashburner helped my family and my friends several times. Recently me personally with planter fasciitis inflammation. What is amazing about Guy Ashburner is the fact, he has no special medical equipment, just his amazing hands and knowledge of human body functions. Treating a painful place he apply pressure and massage to places far away from actual painful place. You will not get any chemicals here, no scripts. He is just going to fix problem with no side effects.

I strongly recommend Dr Ashburner for treatment of any pain. Before you go to ” chemical ” doctor go to Guy. He will advice you what to do next if he can’t fix problem. I am so happy that I met Guy Ashburner in my life. So I wish to all of you.

Kris Zelawski

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