Blurred Vision – Visual Disturbances

I recently had difficulties focussing on a picture that I had previously been able to see clearly. The left side seemed more affected than the right.

I went to my optometrist thinking I needed glasses. She reported that she would only complete an eye test once I had been for a blood glucose check.

I then went to my gp to have a check up. The gp was concerned as the visual loss was not consistant. My blood glucose was a little high but not enough to cause visual disturbances.

She sent me to a neurologist. I mentioned that my neck was stiff but the neurologist did not feel there was a link and could find no reason for the visual changes.

I then went to a homeopath who said that there was a build up of fluid behind the eye ball which would also contribute to loss of vision.

I then went to Guy the osteopath and mentioned my eye problem. He worked on my neck. As he worked, so my vision became clearer and clearer. Where once before his ceiling light had been a hazy rectangular blur I began to see more detail and defenition. It also seems to help drain fluid build up in my sinuses which would also help my eyes.

Gillian Blem Occupational therapist

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