Back Pain – Leg Pain – Ankle Sprain

I’m a runner and I’d felt my left leg seize up and pain in my lower back at the end of a run. The next day I could hardly walk or stand up after sitting down. At first I wasn’t sure what had caused the tightness or pain in my leg or lower back. After speaking to Guy and treatment I remembered that I’d previously sprained my ankle quite badly and started running on it again too soon afterwards.

Guy started treating the ankle and gave me advice, stretches and exercises to do. The treatment relieved the pain and loosened up my ankle, leg and back. Guy’s holisitic approach encouraged me to get back to exercising and running again and I now feel looser throughout my ankle, leg, back, hips and shoulders and in general better health and I’m back to running regularly including a 7 mile run at the weekends."

Sarah Winter Runner

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