Baby Reflux – Baby Colic

I’ve read about Dr Guy Ashburner in the Natural Medicine Magazine regarding Osteopathy for babies and children, especially the important note where he mentioned about the child’s birth history and I decided that maybe this is the answer to all my little boy’s problems.

If I knew about this kind of treatments when my baby was born it would have saved me money, time, frustration, sleepless nights and lots of tears.

My baby boy was born with a weight of 4.2kg and was traumatized during a c-section birth. After returning home he did not sleep for even 15 minutes in a 12 hour cycle. Pediatrics blames it on colic and reflux.

After visiting Dr Ashburner my baby slept a 2.5 – 4 hrs during the day and excellent during the night, just waking up for a feed, colic and reflux now history.

My baby is now a much happier and healthier baby. I will recommend Dr Ashburner to anyone that is scheduled for a c-section, as this will save every new mom lots of tears and frustrations.

Healthy happy babies are every parents wish.

Corrie Greyvensteyn

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