Workplace Office

Workplace Office – Sedentary occupations that involve static positions with poor seating, such as at a computer or driving for prolonged periods, will develop into a habitual, altered posture.

These types of postures will place strain and cause restriction to areas of the spine. Muscle imbalance will also occur throughout your body. A common example is shortening of the hamstrings.

Symptoms such as back, neck, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand aches and pains, will only arise because your body can no longer adapt to the positions it has been in. Your symptoms can also be triggered by events such as physical exertion, emotional stress or illness. Sometimes a minor strain may give more pain and take longer to heal than expected. This may be because your body has reached the limits of its ability to cope with the combined effects of poor work posture and past injuries. Any new demand is ‘the final straw’.

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