I developed a sporadic, low-pitched buzzing/humming in my right ear that would come and go with varying intensity, and seemingly no reason nor pattern.I went to the G.P., an E.N.T., an audiologist and a Tinnitus specialist and neither of them could determine the cause of the buzzing nor offer a solution to remedy the issue.At the suggestion of a friend and basically as a last resort I visited Dr. Ashburner, who surmised that the issue may be caused by tension in my back, neck and jaw muscles due to poor posture and other stress issues (all work related).After about 3-4 sessions with the Osteopath and about 18 months since first developing the problem, the buzzing eventually ceased.I now regularly visit Dr Ashburner to maintain movement and flexibility in by back, neck and jaw muscles and the issue has for the most part disappeared.He has since helped me to resolve other niggly issues that could not be explained nor resolved by G.P.s or other specialists, and turned out to be muscle/tension related.

A De Grandis

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