Testimonial Jenny Assheton-Smith

After an operation for frozen shoulder, a wide excision of melanoma on my upper back and a double cervical spine fusion, all in the space of 5 years, I constantly experienced severe backache, aching and muscle spasm in my shoulders and neck, and nerve pain in my right arm and hand.

The pain not only wore me out, making me quiet and withdrawn and sapping my physical and mental energy, but the spasms in my back and neck muscles rendered me stiff and immobile. I had resigned myself to a lifetime of pain and immobility, appearing like a 90 year old in my movements in and out of a chair or motor vehicle, also dizzy and unsteady on my feet.

After extensive rehabilitation with Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, I was going nowhere fast. The treatments would give me brief relief, but I was always back for more relief after 10-14 days, being the only way to stay away from using pain medication.

In January both my Chiropractor and Physiotherapist were on leave for the month and I contacted Guy Ashburner after stumbling across his website in my search for an alternate Chiro/Physio. After Guy explained to me what Osteopathy was, I visited him in a desperate attempt to gain relief.

Guy carefully listened to my history and undertook to holistically approach my complex conditions which also included an old dancing injury. After the first visit I could feel a massive difference in my entire being. Four visits later, I am a completely different person. I feel energised and am as agile as I used to be 30 years ago (I’m 48!) and have not had any nerve pain in six weeks.

I can certainly recommend Guy to anyone who needs treatment to improve their quality of life and general well-being. Now I just need to get Discovery Medical Aid to recognise Osteopathy as a successful alternate treatment, it being a little distasteful that they have covered so much on Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, but will not entertain Osteopathy!”

Jenny Assheton-Smith

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