Testimonial Adam Leyland Editor Real Business

When I came to Guy I didn’t just have a bad back. I was a basket case of inter-related injuries involving neck and shoulder and arms. As well as a totally immobile neck, I had a very weak shoulder and muscle wastage following two shoulder operations, and I was riddled with RSI-like symptoms in my upper and lower arms, which made it very difficult to rehab my shoulder and made it painful for me to write (I’m a magazine editor). So I was not an easy patient to diagnose. What I liked about Guy’s approach were three things:

  1. His methodical approach. He didn’t just work on the bit that hurts. He assessed my symptoms. Carefully, from top to bottom, and unearthed some surprisingly additional causes in other parts of my body (stiffness in my hamstrings, buttocks, lower back).
  1. His holistic approach. He didn’t just crick my neck or massage muscles once a week. He put me on a rehabilitation programme that involved daily stretching, showing me gentle strengthening exercises, encouraged me to drink more water and take more exercise. Even little suggestions like advising the use of a scarf and hot water bottles for my neck.
  1. His charming approach. Guy’s a lovely guy, gentle, patient, with a good sense of humour.

I’ve had plenty of treatment from other Osteopaths, not to mention Chiropractors and physiotherapists, and Guy’s the only one who’s got me through the painful rut I was in. My neck is now free, I’ve stopped re-injuring my shoulder and the RSI symptoms in my arms are vastly improved. Sometimes they start to come back if I’ve slacked off or if I’m working very long hours, but I know what to do to free things up, and it’s working a treat.”

Adam Leyland Editor Real Business

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