Osteopathy Treats Sleep Disturbances

Osteopathy Treats Sleep Disturbances – May be due to: A young baby whom does not suckle sufficient milk at one feed will tend to awaken sooner for the next feed.

Discomfort inside the baby’s head and coverings of the brain (the meninges) may be passed on to the brain itself causing the baby to be in a continually alert state.

So due to retained compression, indirect irritation of their nervous system may prevent them from being able to sleep deeply. Later on in the first year they may be awakened by the slightest noise and this can develop into a sleeping pattern. Osteopathic treatment of the retained birth compression should be sufficient to resolve the sleep disturbances.

Infections, accidents, teething and knocks to the head may disrupt sleep patterns. Osteopathy treatment is capable of reducing the effects of any such incidents by helping the body back to health.

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