Osteopathy Treats Gymnastics Injuries

Gymnastics Injuries to recreational gymnasts are less common than elite gymnasts. High level competitive gymnasts are more at risk because of their high number of training hours and complexity of skills they perform.

Males are more likely to sustain an upper body injury whereas females are more prone to lower body injuries.

The ankle and foot are the most common sites of injury, such as ankle strains from over-rotating on landings from dismounts on uneven bars, beam, floor-work, vault, rings, pommel-horse or parallel bars.

Injuries also occur to the lower back from a tendency to whip back into extended positions, such as when doing back-flips.

Wrist and hand injuries can be sustained during vault and floor work, such as a stress fracture of the radius, perhaps due to twisting during any weight-bearing turn (such as handstand half twist etc).

Osteopathy management will afford the gymnast more awareness of their body, allowing him/her to stop before overtraining, and to work within their individual boundaries. Osteopathy will also enable them to move with a more relaxed body rhythm, more flexibility and body balance, thereby reducing the likelihood of injury as their bodies develop and grow.

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