Osteopathy Treats Feeding Difficulties

Osteopathy Treats Feeding Difficulties – Suckling will be more difficult and tiring for a baby when tensions through the head, face or throat are left over from mechanical strains acquired at birth. These strains may have been influenced by:

  • face or brow birth presentations
  • overstretching of the throat or irritations of the throat by tight umbilical cord around baby’s neck
  • Misshapenness (moulding) of the whole skull
  • Residual strains in the neck can cause baby to favour feeding more comfortably on one side than the other.

Nerves that control tongue coordination, sucking and swallowing can become irritated as they exit the base of the skull as this area is prone to maximal birth compression. These babies are described as having a ‘weak suck’. Osteopathy techniques can deal with many feeding issues.

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