Osteopathy Treats Cycling Injuries

Osteopathy deal with many Cycling Injuries like overuse knee injuries in cyclists are common and caused by incorrect alignment of your knees, feet, hips and lower back. Which will eventually lead to Illio-tibial band syndrome, maltracking of the patella, patella femoral syndrome, ligament sprains, muscle strains and joint (meniscal) overuse.

Cycling with knees almost at right angles to the bike will put abnormal stress on the structures of the knee. This is caused by pointing your feet outward and consequently pulling the knee with it. Directing your feet inward will also lead to biomechanical problems. Ensure your feet are in a comfortable, neutral position when you ride.

Overloading the muscles of your leg by pushing at a high resistance for a long distance and cycling with the saddle height too low will cause the knee to remain flexed during your bike ride and consequently damage the structures of the knee.

Traumatic injuries such as head injuries, contusions (bruising of deep muscles) and fractures are more common in cycling than other sports but these can be avoided by paying attention to basic safety rules.

Other injuries include back pain and pressure injuries giving numbness, tingling, or pain in your arm, hand, wrist, or little finger. Most overuse injuries experienced by cyclists stem from poor biomechanical function and lack of specific preparation. With proper osteopathic evaluation you will be set for your next bike ride or Cape Argus Cycle Tour.

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