Osteopathy Treats Cricket Injuries

Amateur and professional cricket players present with many common Cricket Injuries including:

Shoulder Pain

Front shoulder pain from bowling with a wide open chest. Bowling/throwing with too much power, too soon. This can lead to Rotator Cuff (muscles stabilising the shoulder) injuries especially when the shoulders have not been sufficiently strengthened in the off season.

Traumatic injuries such as Acromio-Clavicular dislocations (a visible step on the tip of the shoulder), which may occur when the shoulder takes the full impact of the body weight, such as when diving to catch a ball. Bowling/throwing with not enough rotation of the shoulder blade (scapulo-thoracic joint) can lead to subacromial bursitis of the shoulder.

This is inflammation of a fluid-filled protective sac in the shoulder. Achilles tears occur when bowling a quick single, so the weight is on the back foot.

Hamstring Tears or strains occur when the fielder is asked to perform a dynamic movement after a long static period.

Lower Back Pain

Fast bowlers who have a mixed bowling style are more prone to lower back pain, because the body has difficulty adapting to repetitive, extremely dynamic changes in posture, especially following prolonged static postures while fielding. Bowlers should be either side on or front on. Batsmen who have long innings will stand slightly bent forward for a long time which may lead to a chronic aching back.

Osteopathy is ideal for treating the above injuries.

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