Osteopathy can treat Attention Deficit Disorder

Osteopathy can treat Attention Deficit Disorder – Hyperactivity Disorder(ADD/ADHD) is characterised by poor attention span, impulsive behaviours, and hyperactivity. To be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, you or your child must display a combination of strong ADD/ADHD hallmark symptoms, namely hyperactivity, impulsivity, or inattention. It is recommended getting diagnosed by a mental health professional if you suspect that you or your child may be ADHD.

Possible causes of ADD/ADHD include adverse responses to chemicals and additives in processed or chemically tainted food, sensitivities to environmental chemicals, exposures to neurodevelopmental toxins, such as heavy metals and history of a traumatic birth.

Osteopaths seek to resolve structural issues in the body. Problems of labour and delivery that may have compromised the structural integrity of the head and spine and thus disturb the nervous system within, which may interfere with its physiological development.

After birth, there is still much growth and development yet to occur in the brain, and this can be delayed or impaired by restriction within the skull.

Physical stresses respond more readily to treatment when the child is very young. Osteopaths feel that early treatment to ease birth stresses to the head and body can help remove physical restrictions to the growth and development of the brain.

Learning difficulties do not suddenly happen. Usually there are indications that a problem may be present from birth onwards. Early on the child may be able to overcome these difficulties, and seems to be reaching milestones. However, as demands are placed on them at school, it may become increasingly difficult for them to keep up with their peers. Eventually they fall behind, and a learning difficulty is identified.

An osteopathic assessment of the child can be useful to ensure that there is no undue strain in the body that may be contributing to or aggravating the learning problem. Osteopathic treatment is a precise, gentle and restorative manipulative therapy that may assist with ADD/ADHD. The general level of well-being, as well as neurological function may improve. Osteopathy may be used in conjunction with other therapies, such as tutoring and a well-balanced diet of whole, natural foods.

Medication: Make sure you work with a doctor who can explain the issues around medication to you clearly.

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