Keep the curve

Keep the curve – The worst thing for your back, which most of us do, is to sit all day long. Not only is this bad for your health generally, it’s also terrible for your back. Human beings are not designed to sit on chairs all day, and most people sit incorrectly, even on ergonomically designed chairs. The result is weakened, fatigued tissues in the lower back and buttocks, and a stiff back, which will most likely lead to injury down the line.

The correct way to sit is to alway make sure that there is a slight concave curve in your lower back,around the lumbar area. To encourage this curve, shift your butt all the way to the back of the seat as far as it will go, so your behind is actually providing support to your back. Conversely when your tailbone is tucked under, it robs your back of support.

I encourage clients to keep a Post-It stuck to their computer screen advising them to ‘Keep the curve’, so they are reminded to sit correctly. It’s also important to maintain this lower-back curve whenever you’re exercising or picking something up off the ground — in which ease you should always squat, with your back at a 45-degree angle (a bit like a godila!). Never, ever bend over.

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