Constipation in Children

A few months after the birth of our second son, I noticed that he was having similar “colic” symptoms to my first. However my gut feeling was that there was something more to his discomfort.

After an emergency visit to the hospital and by pure luck, x-rays confirmed and assisted in his diagnosis of Fecal Loading / Impacted faces.

Due to the fact that his condition was now severe he had to undergo surgery at two years of age.

After the surgery he was still bothered with ongoing severe constipation.

I sought the help of Dr. Guy Ashburner when my son was two years and nine months.

In the beginning I can still remember my son, was a very frightened little baby receiving this relatively unknown cranial osteopathic treatment.

Going into the second treatment I was happy to report that my sons bowels were working efficiently and he was fast asleep within a few minutes, and totally relaxed.

Today my son is a healthy, 5 year old and I have no doubt in my mind that the treatments he received from Dr. Ashburner assisted is his recovery.

For this I am forever grateful!

Natasha Brand, mom of three

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