Chronic sinusitis – Poor Posture

I was about to register to have a sinus operation when my wife suggested I try Dr Ashburner. I had received treatment from him a couple of years ago for poor posture. 

I have had 3 appointments with Dr Ashburner over the past few weeks and already after the first treatment I could feel that my sinuses were draining. Osteopathy is medicine free and it really feels like you and your body are fighting the problems you have, as opposed to medicine ‘doing it for you’. Dr Ashburner recommends preventative exercises along with his therapy and these have helped me make dramatic, CONSCIOUS improvements to my posture which in turn are helping my sinuses drain.

Dr Ashburner takes the time to explain how one’s posture is linked to poor drainage of the sinuses so I feel like I understand what is happening. Having had 4 cases of sinusitis in the past year I now feel positive about the way forward…

Dr Ashburner also gives valuable advice on dietary issues and sticks to his philosophy of “if it’s bad for you and going in, it will lead to consequences!” He’s also well researched and not afraid to challenge ‘norms’. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Tony Romer-Lee

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