Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I met Dr Ashburner last year in when I took my daughter to see him regarding her knees, which had been troubling her for some time. During her appointment he asked me what was troubling me and I briefly explained that I was suffering from chronic exhaustion as well as tension and discomfort in my back and neck.

He told me that he was confident that he could assist me. At my first appointment he took a very thorough history and explained what his approach would be to the chronic fatigue. At this point I was willing to attempt any treatment that could help me regain some comfort in my body. Added energy would be a bonus. I am a full time ballet teacher and mom to 2 young teenagers and my life is full of demands on my energy reserves.

Over the previous number of years I had struggled to honour all my commitments due to a constant feeling of flu-like illness, pain and discomfort, headaches and extreme exhaustion. Many visits to my G.P with general complaints of not feeling well had not uncovered any more than a chronic iron deficiency. I had 5 iron infusions to correct the deficiency, but even after that I was still suffering with very sore neck glands and a general feeling of fatigue.

Over the years I have also been on the Quantum machine, had kinesiology and chiropractic treatments as well as acupuncture.

Whilst all the earlier treatments had for a short while lightened my symptoms, none have made as big a difference to me as what osteopathy has.

Dr Ashburner has significantly changed my life for the better. I am so happy to no longer suffer any backache. My focus on good posture has become much more acute and I have gained more flexibility and range of movement in my back. He has also positively influenced me to make better food choices and I have reduced my sugar intake by about 90%. This has also contributed to the more positive feeling and increased energy I now enjoy. I can happily say that , thanks to Dr Ashburner, I am a great deal more able to tackle all my daily demands.

Now that the acute phase of my chronic fatigue seems to be behind me , I look forward to my regular “tune-ups” with Dr Ashburner.

Megan Davey

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