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My Osteopathy experience with Dr Guy Ashburner Osteopath

To the weeks building up to the Miss South Africa Final, I was in a constant high stress environment, I was eating very strictly and exercising twice a day and my body was feeling it.

I went to Guy Ashburner during these weeks and it literally saved me. I felt energized and physically stronger for the week ahead every session. What I found made Osteopathy the best was that it was like going to a chiropractor, massage and a physio session combined but better. I say it was like a massage because it was the same concept but more intensified and specialized. It was also like a physio session because although Guy works on and fixes your whole body like a massage, he concentrates more on the areas that need more work unlike a massage where the time spent is spread out evenly and you are still left with your problem area needing more attention. Guy also uses the exact strength you need to really work out the problem and will not let you leave until he has perfected the problem area to the best it can be in that session. If you love sports massages/strong massages than you will love Osteopathy. My Osteopathy experience was incredible and it would be safe to say I am addicted to it! It feels amazing and it makes such a huge difference! Massages and Physiotherapists are amazing but this Osteopathy experience really helped a lot and not only focused on the problem area but also fixed the other parts contributing to the problem and also gave my body a full realignment. It also saves you a lot of time and money going to one person instead of going to three different people. It is literally a 3 in 1 and so you leave with your body feeling so much better.

Jade Hubner Miss South Africa Finalist / Top Billing Presenter

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