Testimonial Kerry Rogers, Journalist Magazine editor

Guy Ashburner treated my baby’s colic successfully in two sessions. He also helped me with some digestive problems I was having postnatally, and when I injured my knee some months later, he treated it in three sessions. What I liked especially about the process with my knee was that he spend almost a full session just on diagnosis, and did not simply treat what it might have been. I suspect that this is why it healed so quickly – while previous knee injuries had taken several weeks of physio.

Perhaps the most significant thing Guy has done for me is treat my restless legs syndrome. Those who have had it know how excruciating it is, and how desperate it can make you feel. I had not tried any of the medications on the market for fear of side effects, but I had tried all the natural remedies suggested to me, with no success. Guy spent two sessions working on my ankles, knees and feet – tiny massaging motions with his thumbs – and my symptoms simply stopped. I have had restless legs syndrome all my life, so this is quite significant. After about six months, I started getting mild symptoms again, and went back to Guy for a ‘top-up’ which was successful.

If you suffer from restless legs, I can think of no simpler, more effective or more cost-effective way of treating them than seeing Guy for a couple of sessions. It’s been life-changing to be able to go to a late movie and not have to walk up and down the aisle in agony. Thank you, Guy!"

Kerry Rogers, Journalist Magazine editor

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