Speech delay toddler verbal dyspraxia

Two years ago we discovered that our son had a speech delay (he is currently four years old) when compared to others his age. Although not meant to compare, it was only natural for first time parents to do so.

After engaging with the staff at his nursery school, we explored different avenues. These included visits to a paediatric neurologist, an audiologist, an educational psychologist, speech therapists, brain gym sessions with a remedial teacher and play therapy sessions. He was diagnosed with elements of verbal dyspraxia. After various attempts and becoming despondent at the lack of progress we were then referred to Dr Guy Ashburner.

Although sceptical at first we noticed a visible shift/change in his behaviour. After three sessions, he had a need to communicate and to be understood. There was a desire to pronounce words he had difficulty in saying , which I know was not there before. Family members were noticing the change in him too. I can honestly say sessions with Dr Ashburner have made a significant difference in our son. His speech therapist has also commented on the improvement and acceleration of his speech and his understanding, in her words ,”like something has made a connection”.

I think throughout this process of trying to find answers , we’ve realised there is no single solution and each child is unique.

I only wish we’d met Dr Ashburner sooner, the results in such a short space of time have been remarkable.

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