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When I had my second child, I never expected it to be even harder than my firstborn. But Jason didn’t just cry all night – he SCREAMED and thrashed about, arching his back to escape as us we tried to comfort him – as though we were torturing him. It went on for a year and a half. The only time he ever slept more than his maximum of 2 hours (even at 18 months of age), was when we had dosed him with Ponstan or other pain meds. It simply couldn’t continue.

We had tried all other methods – we had him on reflux meds and changed his diet to be dairy free. But when his throat was scanned for scarring, they could find no sign of reflux.

We had his ears checked and were informed that he had glue ear, but after having grommets put in the only change in his behaviour was a fear of simple noises, the night time screaming sessions did not stop.

We had him assessed by an Occupational Therapist who told us he had Sensory Processing Disorder and instructed us to brush him every two hours. Whilst he showed a minor improvement with the brushing, he was still waking and screaming at least 3 to 4 times a night.

Eventually a friend at the office recommended that I try and find a cranial osteopath. I had never heard of this but was willing to try, especially as this (out of all the other treatment methods) was non-evasive and painfree. She found an article that Dr Ashburner had written and brought it to me.

I took Jason to see Dr Ashburner, and whilst he is not an easy patient, after 2 sessions he stopped screaming at night. I can scarcely believe it even now two months later! He still wakes, but can sleep up to 7 hours with no problem, and when he wakes he just wants reassurance that he is not alone, after which he peacefully goes back to sleep. It has been life changing for us a family, and we are so so grateful to Dr Ashburner for his assistance. I recommend the doctor to everyone I meet with babies – I feel as though seeing him should be compulsory for all newborns!

Julie Kempsley

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