Severe Headaches

Son struggling with severe headaches:

My 15 year old son, Brogan, came home from school in October complaining about a headache. Thinking of his history with sinusitis we just thought it was a bad sinus attack seeing it was that time of the year. We gave him some meds that we kept in the house. The next morning the headache was actually worse. He had a fever and was very listless and he couldn’t keep his head up straight. We took him to our GP who diagnosed him with severe sinusitis, gave him some tablets and a nasal spray. By the end of the following week he was still complaining about the headache.

We then took him to another GP who said it was tension headaches. He was given a shot, some ibuprofens and some paracetamols. We were very optimistic thinking that these meds would help because its two weeks later and he is still suffering and final exams is upon us….to our horror, this meds didn’t help either…it was now almost a month that my son was suffering with headaches and as a parent you feel helpless. Here we go again, off to another GP…again he was diagnosed with tension headaches but now the drugs that he has been using thus far might have caused drug induced headaches. This GP recommended a tablet that is used to stop the headache before it even occurs…. More meds and still no relieve, we were already in the middle of November and still nothing is relieving the pain. Brogan is very active in sports but as a result of the headaches he couldn’t even take part in the last games of the season, he was feeling too rotten.

By the middle of December, after trying every tablet that they could possibly prescribe and it not helping, the GP decided that he should go for a CT scan. By this time we all believed that there was something wrong because how can no meds help? My son was extremely worried on the day we went for the brain scan. Scan was done and results sent to the GP, we waited and thankfully heard that there’s no brain tumors, all in order in that department, but it still left us with a problem, he still had the headaches. The GP then decided that his hormones are causing imbalances and that we should try anti-depressants…..yep ANTI DEPRESSANTS!!!! I said no ways is my normally healthy, actively mad son going to use anti-dressants, aint gonna happen…we need to look at other alternatives. By now the whole family was worried about Brogan and my sister called the Wellness Warehouse in Cavendish and they recommended Dr Ashburner after hearing Brogan’s story.

What a God sent!!! Dr Ashburner examined him in December, did his magic osteopathy, and gave him some exercises to do at home…the headaches were a result of poor posture and Dr Ashburner also discovered that his back alignment was out and that he was extremely stiff..After the first session there was an immediate improvement, he did the exercises, drank more water and became more conscious of what goes into his mouth. After the second session in January the headaches were gone!!!! Wow, I was totally impressed. Three months of suffering and various meds and it took Dr Ashburner two sessions and the headaches were completely gone and this with no meds whatsoever!! Dr Ashburner is still working with him on other areas and after every session there is improvement.

Thank you Dr Ashburner, we are eternally grateful to you and hope that your practice grows from strength to strength. I am singing your praises to anyone who is complaining about any pains.

Very happy parentRoslyn Sparks (January 2015)

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