Sacroiliac Joint Pain – Dysfunction (SI Joint Pain)

Sacroiliac Joint Pain – I have suffered from chronic recurrent lower lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint pain for 14 years, related to a recurring alignment fault of my lower lumbar facet joints and sacroiliac joints.

A history of hospitalisation and multiple tests came to naught. I endured progressive paralysis of the torso for 11 months and from the compacting of muscle and nerve compression I endured permanent migraine and partial blindness in my right eye. At the time I was reduced to a wheelchair and had no reasonable explanation offered for my disability.

Physiotherapists finally managed to diagnose and effect joint positional correction enabling me to regain function and muscle activity but it took 1 ½ years to learn to walk and maneuver myself effectively. The symptoms, unfortunately, recurred all the time. Without timeous intervention and realignment correction, the pain and muscle spasm cycle rapidly spiralled into the problem again with headaches and significant disability in activities of my daily living.

I have had successful management with conservative physiotherapy treatment over the past 12 years on an almost weekly basis. They were able to effect relief due to the use, I believe, of osteopathic techniques interspersed with the physiotherapy. My dependence on these all too frequent treatments was decidedly draining but I was enormously relieved and incalculably grateful for the help towards a relatively normal life.

I have recently found Dr Guy Ashburner, an Osteopath practitioner, who has been providing me with osteopathic treatments and practical management strategy to maintain my functional ability.

In a very short space of time, Dr Ashburner has enabled me to be entirely symptom free. From initial weekly visits we are now at monthly visits and this, within a period of a few months. I feel symptom free and am able to participate in life without fear for the first time. I had no idea that this would ever be possible for me! I am enormously grateful to Dr Ashburner.

Val Bernstein

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