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I am 59 years of age.I would like to thank Guy Ashburner for helping my body return to a state of pain free functioning in a short series of 5 sessions.A few months ago I was about to embark on a rigorous physical and mental journey in a rural area for a few months …….. my mind was ready, but my body was not.

A very active childhood growing with mostly boys, and having to “keep up” to belong.My first serious fall that I know of was at the age of 3 years, jumping off an unhooked gate to escape a corporal punishment and falling on my forhead onto concrete followedBy a series of falls of horses, bicycles, roofs, hang gliders and a car accident. A love of adventure and travel culminated in a serious spinal injury while working onboard a cruise ship as a nurse.My lumbar disc was ruptured and I was left unable to walk. I had severe compression of the spinal cord (L5/4) and a disintegrated disc in my neck (C6/7) Lower back surgery was my only option. The surgery was “successful”,I slowly regained the use of my legs and am very grateful to be able to walk again. My surgeon didn’t believe in rehab, said ‘continue as before.’ Mistake.My entire body was affected by the injury and the surgery. I believed I could simply continue where I left off, I was wrong. My body was different, I was unable to do any of the physical activities I did before. Yoga, running, hiking, gardening, horse riding was over. Carrying shopping bags was “too much”. Chronic muscle spasm and pain became my normal. Lifting of any weight more than 15kgs caused pins and needles in both arms,and back pain. Shooting pains into my chest that felt like a heart attack and restless legs that kept me awake at night. A feeling of being strangled by my own body. My symptoms were worst at night and the stiffness was severe when I arose every morning. My entire being was affected ………my digestive system was sluggish my bladder was irritable, my lungs restricted. I had developed a“hunchback” in 4 years that I was unable to straighten thro positive thinking. I was a mess.I was too young to be this old, still a whole lot of life to live. My body felt “stuck” in the trauma. I was deeply concerned. I have tried every form of body work available, but nothing seemed to help long term.10 years later, a friend recommended Guy Ashburner.I had never been to an Osteopath before. I took a chance.He was thorough in the history taking, and performed gentle yet strong muscle/spinal manipulations and cranio sacral techniques. After the first session the chest pain (due to the neck compression) ceased. He instructed me on squatting and pull ups to strengthen my upper and lower body. My spine straightened out and the hunchback was no more.I felt strong and so much more flexable. I can honestly say that I am now pain free, and able to walk long distances, sit on the floor again, lift certain amount of weight ( using the squatting) and enjoy a general good state of strength and well being.I have committed to take responsibility for my own spinal health, and do the excercises he has recommended, and to go for “maintanance” sessions as regularly as I can.Guy Ashburner takes a wholistic approach to health, is a knowledgable and compassionate practitioner. His passion for health and movement shows in the results.Grateful.

Margo Morton

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