Osteopathy Treats Walking Injuries

Many common injuries are found in walkers, but more so in occasional walkers. Walking in the countryside and hills for 3 hours or more will result in activity of muscles that are not normally used that way. Aches and pains may only become noticeable immediately or sometimes weeks later. Osteopathy is ideal for dealing with walking injuries.

Walking may result in Achilles pain from hill walking and climbing, especially when using the forefoot and allowing the heel to drop too low increasing the forces on the Achilles. Calf strains and ankle sprains can occur from fell walking (edging the outside of the boot for a long time when walking along slopes). Thigh and knee strains commonly occur from steep downhill walks because it increases physical demands on the thigh muscles very strongly. Also upper, middle and lower back strains, hip pains, shin splints and plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the supporting tissue under the foot) is common.

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