Osteopathy Treats Running Injuries

Running Injuries in runners and joggers are relatively common especially heel, shin and knee pain. If you are a dedicated runner there’s every chance that you have experienced a frustrating lay off due one of the more common injuries. Osteopathy will help explain advise why these injuries are occurring and then treat the real cause of the problem. Many of these injuries are preventable given the correct stretching and muscle balancing exercises.

Often there is dysfunction in the muscles and joints of the back, hips, knees, ankles and feet because they deal with huge forces whist running. Poor ability of some joints to rotate will mean compensating elsewhere. Usually on a short run this may not cause a problem, however when attempting longer distances such as a marathon, breakdown will occur at the weakest point.

Most running injuries occur from overtraining (too much too soon) combined with faulty leg biomechanics. Achilles strains (tendinopathy) caused by a sudden increase in speed or distance may be too much for the tendon. Uphill running, bend running, sprint drills, camber running (running along a slanted road) and running on rough ground will overload the Achilles and cause other injuries. Tight shoulders and high elbow position can give shoulder pain. Achilles bursitis (inflammation of the protective fluid-filled sac, a bursa) can be caused by tight fitting shoes. Wind mill style running can give medial knee ligament strain. Downhill running can cause patella femoral syndrome.

Guy ran his first marathon in Paris in 1986. Osteopathy is a great medical treatment for all running injuries.

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