Osteopathy Treats Ankle Sprain a common injury

Osteopathy Treats Ankle Sprain a common injury that occurs when the foot turns inwards and the ankle ligaments on the outside are over-stretched or partially torn. Most injuries occur in sports that involve running, turning and jumping. Typical symptoms include severe pain and difficultly in applying weight on the affected foot and ankle. Swelling and discolouration also occur.


Osteopaths recommend avoiding any weight-bearing activity for the first 24 hours after the injury occurs. Ice should be applied to the swollen area at ten-minute intervals every hour, coupled with the intake of anti-inflammatory medication as recommended by a pharmacist. Osteopathic intervention will include physical therapy and advice on stretching and strengthening exercises.

A Clinical Trial Supporting Osteopathy As A Physical Therapy In The Treatment Of Acute Ankle Injuries

Eisenhart, A.W., Gaeta, T.J., Yens, D.P. (2003), Osteopathic manipulative treatment in the emergency department for patients with acute ankle injuries. Journal of American Osteopathic Association, Vol 103, Sept, pp. 417-421

This research paper demonstrates that a single session of osteopathic treatment can have a significant effect in the management of acute ankle injuries. In addition to this there was a significant improvement in the range of movement in the foot and ankle after receiving osteopathic treatment.

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