Knee Pain Helped with Osteopathy

Knee Pain Helped with Osteopathy – Because the knee is a weight bearing joint, knee pain affects almost everything we do that requires mobility, including those things most of us have usually taken for granted. Routine activities of living, work, social and recreational activities are often limited or avoided because of knee pain. A person with a bad knee knows how often it gets in the way of doing the things they want and need to do in daily life.

Knee pain can be caused by direct trauma to the knee from falls, over-use or impact sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, poor alignment /muscle imbalance, congenital weakness, disease, and age related wear and tear. With both chronic and acute knee conditions, an osteopath can be an invaluable resource in the diagnosis and treatment of your knee condition

The stress and jarring of routine running activities combined with a poor tracking ability of the kneecap (Runner’s knee) wears down and inflames the knee joint cartilage. The result can be pain, swelling, and dysfunction. Left untreated, these inflammatory knee disorders inevitably lead to arthritis.

Whether a knee condition is acute (injury related) or chronic (wear and tear related) the importance of getting a good diagnosis and receiving the proper treatment cannot be understated. Although analgesics can help relieve some pain and swelling, it takes proper corrective measures to address the underlying cause of the problem. A consultation with an osteopath could help you determine just how much you can do to improve the condition of your knees by taking a comprehensive medical history and perform a thorough physical and biomechanical examination in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Treatment would involve hands on osteopathic techniques to relief pain, improve joint function, reduce any swelling and treating areas around the knee that can be contributing to your Knee pain and advice on appropriate rehabilitation.

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