I Suffer From Tension Headaches

Q: I suffer from tension headaches, but nothing seems to help or last. What is the best natural solution to my daily headaches and why have medication and therapies such as homeopathy not worked?

Tension headaches are caused by tension within the body, so tablet-taking and treatment from therapies which are not able to diagnose, will have limited results. As a preventative measure, bear in mind that normal posture is essential for normal function of the human body. When sitting, bend forward, then wiggle back as far as possible in your seat before sitting up. Your spine is now supported and your back muscles can relax. Ensure when facing your computer and keypad it is directly in front of you and not even slightly to the side, as this will create an imbalance and rotation in your musculoskeletal system. When standing, grab hold of your hair on top of your head and pull it until it hurts. This will bring you into a normal posture. Normal posture is fundamental for normal tensions within the body. Lastly, dehydration will increase muscular tension, so drink at least eight glasses of water a day and avoid diuretics and stimulants such as caffeine.

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