I Suffer From Sinusitis

Q: I suffer from sinusitis. Are there any practical and natural ways of helping this condition? Place each middle finger in the centre of your forehead above the eyebrow line. Pressure should be gradually increased and released in a gentle rhythmic motion, never hard enough to cause severe pain. Repeat several times. Then, with gentle pressure, sweep the fingers sideways towards the temples. Repeat several times.

The same technique can be applied when you place your middle finger either side of your nose and then gently sweep the fingers towards the temples. Place your index fingers at the top of the nose. Pressure should be applied alternatively by each finger, moving down the length of your nose. Repeat several times, followed by a sweeping motion down the nose and then across the cheek bones. Vocal activities such as humming can also help increase sinus ventilation. If your sinusitis persists, consult your nearest cranial osteopath to correct any musculoskeletal imbalance which may be inhibiting normal sinus function.

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