Frozen Shoulder testimonial

Guy Ashburner is a guy who knows his craft. I suffered for many many years with shoulder problems that were labelled frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, osteoarthritis, even surgeons wanting to operate. All labels that added insult to injury. This man ( I kept saying to myself ‘This man knows what he is doing’) This man slowly but surely rubbed and moved fascia, reminded me to do only 2 very important exercises. I would relapse and slowly, silently he would encourage my body to take responsibility for my healing. Encourage me gently to do the daily exercises. He has immense knowledge of the structure and complex workings of the body eg the fascia. How many of us have even heard of fascia and how important it is, especially when we have suffered some body trauma or injury. Everything shifts and accommodates the mal alignment. He deals with bones of course and ligaments and tendons, but also the neurological system as the brain communicates with the rest of the body. And the lymphatic system and finally he starts on your eating habits so lifestyle and toxicity is addressed to stem the decline and degeneration of the body. Everything shifts and accommodates the mal alignment. The body adapts and only knows pain. I had vertigo seriously such that I thought I was dying, in 1 session it was gone! I had neck pain, pain at the back of my head, hip pain and of course the ongoing shoulder pain and discomfort. Headaches were a thing of the past.

I vouch for the fact that if one is prepared to do the work alongside Guy, one will be able to manage and eliminate pain.

Thank you for getting me to PAIN FREE and a life changing experience.

C Cameron

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