Conception & Osteopathy Testimonial

The very first time I heard of osteopathy was through my mom. She was sitting at a doctor’s waiting room and was browsing through a random magazine. She was captured by a title that says “Osteopathy and Conception”. This showed an osteopath (Dr Guy)doing a treatment similar to a chiropractor and a physiotherapist. However, the name osteopath suggested to her that there was more to be offered. My mom was convinced this is what I needed and will yield results. She had also noted my bad posture which she thought needed help. When I told my husband, he just shrugged his shoulders and gave me a go ahead to give it a try.

Now, my story is this: We had been actively trying to conceive for at least two years. But my monthly period was very irregular since our first born. Sometimes, I would go for two or three months without a period. When I did get my period; it was light, lasting only a short time (a day or two) and with no period-like symptoms as I knew it. When I got a call from my mom to consider osteopathy, I had been to a GP whom together we had managed to figure out through blood tests that I have high prolactin levels hence the absence of my monthly periods. The GP had referred me to an endocrinologist for detailed diagnosis and treatment. I consulted the endocrinologist and did more blood tests. The endocrinologist needed a CT scan to rule out a brain tumor that is often the underlying reason for high prolactin levels in women that are not lactating. I had stopped breastfeeding my firstborn at least 1.5 years prior. It was at this point that I decided to pause with the endocrinologist; contacted Dr Guy and secured an appointment. I had not had my period for 6 months or more and to say the least, I was feeling menopausal. At my first consultation with Dr Guy, the article my mom read thoroughly explained the reason for my visit. Although at the time, husband and I were more concerned about my long term health resulting from the absence of monthly period at age 33. Part of the problem was that my stress levels were very high due to general life hardships. After that first treatment, Dr Guy gave me a word of caution “in a day or so, you may get your period”. I was hopeful but did not want to raise my hopes too high. In exactly day 2 after the treatment I got my period! I had the premenstrual symptoms but I attributed them the tender state of my body caused by the treatment. The period was heavier than I had seen in 2/3 years and lasted at least 3 to 4 days. I was more than overjoyed, I felt youthful again! I knew this was a turning point and I could begin to entertain conceiving again.

I had follow up treatments with Dr Guy and I continued to have decent monthly cycles.

I went back to the endocrinologist for further assessment & insights, the blood tests still showed a slightly higher prolactin level. Not the same level as my initial result. Endocrinologist still recommended a CT scan to rule out the possibility of a tumor. The scan was clear. The Endocrinologist suggested I take dostinex to reduce prolactin levels. We were going to assess again in 6 months. Third month into dostinex, I conceived! I had a smooth and healthy pregnancy. I gave birth naturally to a healthy little bundle of joy.

From a happy mom


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