Chronic Neck Pain treatment Osteopathy

My chronic neck pain started 10 months ago after a few sessions with a new personal trainer at the Gym. I wrote it down to over strenuous exercise – my neck was dreadfully stiff and cricked every time I moved it. Being a keen golfer also did not help matters and I was miserable. I immediately tried sports injury massage, a stress release chiropractor and a conventional chiropractor. They all helped but only for a few days when my neck seized up again and I obviously had difficulty moving.

I mentioned my problem to a friend who claimed that he had had problems with his neck and had gone the same conventional route I had, but that nothing had really helped. He had then discovered an osteopath – Dr Guy Ashburner – who had helped him enormously and that he was now pain free.

After another lousy round of golf I was almost in tears with frustration and pain, and decided to phone Dr Ashburner. Well, it was the best thing I could’ve done. He sat and listened to my problem. He actually gave me a deep manipulation, or so it felt to me, and when the session was over I could move my neck and there was virtually no stiffness. It appears that my back was really the problem and was pulling my neck out of alignment.

Dr Ashburner advised me on how to improve my posture, and which exercises I should and should not be doing. My personal trainer has taken his advice and is working with his recommendations in mind. I now am completely pain free and feel as though I’m walking on air. I go around raving to people how wonderful Dr Ashburner’s treatment is – it is amazing how many of us suffer from back related problems – mainly due to the work we do. Guy – what can I say. Words cannot really convey how grateful I am. Thank you so very, very much.

Karin Newton

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