Bell's Palsy

On Thursday 14th September I woke up with a stiff neck, I put it down to a bad sleeping position, but by next morning I had the effects of Bell’s-palsy. I went to see my doctor who was unable to treat the condition as I was 6 months pregnant. I was told that it would probably worsen and that the effects of it could last until my baby was born or even worse up to a year.

By the next morning I was unable to move any part of the left side of my face. I had to tape my eye shut at night and it would run all day; I couldn’t drink anything without spilling; and the stiffness in my neck continued; and left side of my face became progressively more painful, as though bruised and my hearing was extra sensitive on that side.

I returned to my doctor on the Monday morning but was only told to return in two weeks so that he could to see my progress.

I went to see Dr. Guy Ashburner osteopath on the Tuesday. He did extensive work on my back,neck and whole body; I was exhausted by that evening. I lay on an ice pack and walked on a daily bases as Dr Ashburner had recommended.

I started seeing improvements by the second visit this time feeling refreshed rather than exhausted. By my third visit two and half weeks later I had 85% use of the left side again. Since then there has been an improvement on a daily basis and it’s barely noticeable anymore.

Thanks Dr. Ashburner!


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