Back Pain – Horse riding – Dressage rider- Equestrian Athlete

I have been competing as a professional Dressage rider for over 15 years and have represented WC province on several occasions. I ride an estimate of 5 to 7 horses every day and for years I have been having problems with tightness and stiffness through my back and neck.

In the past I had been for regular physio as well as massages but after a few days my body would tighten up again and it affected my entire posture as well as the aids (signals) that I would then pass onto the horse. The higher Dressage work such as lead changes were not coming through due to my signals being late or even blocked and this resulted in me losing many marks in the competition arena.

Since I have been seeing Guy Ashburner and having regular Osteopathy sessions my entire posture has improved and I am using my hips and back correctly and it is giving the horses a better and more clear signal which have made them happier in their work. I realised that with me being blocked I was confusing them. My marks have since improved in the competition arena and I am generally more supple throughout my entire body. I would recommend osteopathy to athletes as well as to anyone who would like to improve their general health and well being.

Michelle de Villiers Moreira Equestrian Athlete

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