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Three years ago I spent a week in hospital with symptoms the pulmonologist attributed to asthma. After I was discharged I consulted Guy Ashburner, osteopath to assist with the aches and pains in my back as a result of 10 days of non-stop coughing. While he was working on me the most amazing thing happened … my chest opened up completely and for the first time on 10 days I was able to breathe easily. One single treatment was all it took.

I recently had another of these “asthma” attacks and spent 9 days in hospital on 3 hourly nebulisers, oxygen and about 11 different medications. I had only 5% lung function and was having daily physiotherapy. After I was discharged, I was still struggling to breathe and was coughing on the slightest exertion so I made an appointment to see Guy and again same thing happened. During the treatment my chest opened up and my symptoms abated instantly and a month on I haven’t had a moments trouble since.

I have googled the link between ashtma and osteopathy and most of the articles I read were all somewhat sceptical and no definitive proof of benefit seems to have been established. However, speaking from my own experiences I know that in the future should I have trouble breathing my first stop will be the osteopath’s office. I am very hopeful that by doing that I will be able to avoid the hospital stay altogether. I would highly recommend anyone with asthma to try osteopathy. It is non-invasive, gentle and in my experience highly beneficial.

Janice Melmed

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