Arthritic back pain

Having osteo arthiritis from a young age I suffered a lot of back pain and sciatica pain in my left leg.I went to see two surgeons and both wanted to do a back operation and told me it would be the only way forward for me.. I did not want an operation on my back, so seek out different options Went to chiropractors, DPPT therapists and various massage therapies. Some of the therapies brought relieve but my shoulder and neck muscles were in constant spasms. Luckily a friend of mine told me about Dr Ashburner. I am seeing him for 2 years now and can not believe the doctors wanted to operate on my back. After a few treatment my sciatica pain disappeared (I never had it again) The tension in my shoulders and neck drastically improved. I could recommend Dr Ashburners treatments to anybody with neck, back or tension problems. He is professional and his treatments make a difference

L Le Roux

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